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Phew......rebranding is hard!!

I decided around 14 days ago that the website needed a much needed upgrade.

Sooooo.....I dug in deep and put on my creative hat and began.

Sounds easy doesn't it, just update the Artwork, choose a new colour palette and then publish.

Oh No I here myself cry.....not easy at all.

I take my hat off to all these Professional web designers who take

on Clients businesses to design and create a stunning, eye-catching website.

Finally after 2 weeks of constant 'brain ache' I did it.....and it's ready to go live.

I really hope that you all like it and if a link or button isn't doing what it supposed to do, please let me know and I will fix it right away.

I know with new things, there usually are a couple of glitches.

Hope to see you around and that I get to play with your dogs and then go on to create beautiful art for you to display.

Carolyne x

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