The Questions and Answers YOU want to ask about a Photography shoot

Most folks have no idea what to expect from a photography shoot...........and YOU probably aren't any different.

I have put together a few normal and not so normal questions and answers which might help you

If I haven't covered something which you would like to know about....then please ask. I will be only to happy to answer anything you may ask.

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Q: WHAT is a Dog Photography Experience?

A: Since I can't write a book here, I will try and explain it in short form.

If you want a fun filled time spent with your dog or dogs and to capture the essence then this is where to come.

You will be involved every step of the way..being asked to jump out from behind trees, make silly noises.....don't worry - the only one who will laugh at you is your dog!

You will find a new found love working with your precious bundle by being asked to do things you never thought possible. 

You will see the light shine in the eyes, the fast paced fun and the glorious personality show ..........

It is an experience for both human and canine alike.

Q: What will I get for my session?

A: Depending on which package you chose there will be very little difference.

You will receive all the package you purchased, but much, much more which is intangible.

The knowledge of dogs, the knowledge of photography and art but most of all you will receive an undeniably fabulous experience.

From start to finish you will be on a roller will be asked to do things

you never thought possible!

Please note that you are paying for the session time and the post production only. No full sized images or products are included unless stated on the booking form or contract.

Q: Will the weather affect for photography shoot experience?

A: Indoor photo experience - not at all. Outdoor, well .............we are in the UK...we are in Scotland...

so Mother Nature sometimes decides better.

However don't worry. .............................If your shoot is an outdoor experience, we simply reschedule

to another day which suits you

Q: What do I need to do to prepare for my photography shoot experience?

A:  Not a lot really....if you follow the information sheet which is sent out after you have booked your experience then you will be just fine and dandy

However, if your photo shoot experience is for a specific 'show' shoot then you know the drill on how to get your dog don't need me to tell you what to bring! 

Q: Can I buy any of the images or other products  after my photography shoot experience?

A: You certainly can.

Hundreds of images will taken during the photo session, they will then be edited and a final selection chosen of around 30 - 80 images.

After your photo session, an appointment will be made for you to return to our Studio and our custom designed Client viewing Lounge where you can view your images whilst making your choice of products you would like to purchase.  

Our Clients know that investment in the Artwork is the culmination of everything.

Clients can spend from as little as £600 right up to £14,500 (this has happened!)  Our packages are very, very popular and these give our Clients a variety of Wall Art products and usually also includes a beautiful Album or Coffee table book. The choice is very personal to each and every client and this is the very reason everything is bespoke.


          Q: How can I pay for my products?

             A: We accept all major debit & credit cards, bank transfer or cash. We also offer Finance facilities to spread the cost of the Artwork.                           Please ask for details when booking your photo shoot experience.

Q: My dog is nervous around strangers...does this make a difference?

A: All dogs can be a little 'strange' in unfamiliar surroundings with some being more nervous than others. Don't worry about this as the shoot is designed to go at the pace of the individual 'stars of the show'.

At the start of every Photo Shoot experience, I take as much time that is required for the dog or dogs to become accustomed to me.

I don't try to force myself onto them...I allow them to come to me in their own time.  If they are happier staying at a distance, then I am ok with that too...not every dog likes to get close up and personal....their choice, it's their photo shoot.

With decades of experience, I have met most kinds of personalities and I just 'go with their flow'. 

Q: Does my dog have to be highly trained?

A: Definitely not.  All levels are welcome and can be worked with. Your dog doesn't have to be the next Crufts Obedience Champion.

Sit, stay, down are good to have but certainly not essential and really not that important...nice if they can, but doesn't really matter if they can't................or won't!

Q: Does my dog need groomed before the photography shoot experience?

A: It is entirely up to you as this is YOUR photo shoot experience. 

I do ask that the eyes are visible and if you normally get your dog put in a 'pet' clip by your Groomers then this is advisable around 3 to 4 weeks prior to the shoot so the clip marks have grown out.

If however, your dog is a Show dog and it is a breed trait to have hair over the face then I can work with that also.

Q: When do I get my Photo Proofs from the shoot?

A: Once the Photo Shoot is over, there is then around 30 - 60 hours post production work to be completed. Usually it is 6 weeks afterwards, but sometimes quicker depending on the workload. An appointment will be arranged for you to return to the Studio/Showroom and over a relaxed cup of coffee we can discuss your Product purchases 

IF you have a question which has not been covered above, then please get in touch and I

will be only too happy to answer any other queries.

Carrie Southerton Dog Photography Q&A and FAQS


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