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The Questions and Answers YOU want to ask about a Photography shoot

Most folks have no idea what to expect from a photography shoot...........and YOU probably aren't any different.

Below are a few normal and not so normal questions and answers which

might help you

If something hasn't been covered which you would like to know about....then please ask. Happy to answer anything you may ask.

Q: WHAT is a Dog Photography Experience?

A: Since there is not enough space to write a book here, Carolyne will try and explain it in short form.

If you want a fun filled time spent with your dog or dogs and to capture the essence then this is where to come.

You will be involved every step of the way.....being asked to jump out from behind trees, make silly noises.....don't worry - the only one who will laugh at you is your dog!

You will find a new found love working with your precious bundle by being asked to do things you never thought possible. 

You will see the light shine in the eyes, the fast paced fun and the glorious personality show ..........

It is an experience for both human and canine alike.

Q: What will I get for my session?

A: You will get a fun packed photo session designed around your specific requirements which usually lasts for a few hours as the shoot is ran at the dogs pace.

You will also be working with one of the Top Dog Photographers in the UK who has decades of experience working with dogs.

Also included is the artistic and creative talents of Carolyne when she works for multiple hours on your images in post production to produce the most beautiful artwork.

Please note that you are paying for the session time and the post production only. No products are included unless pre-ordered at the Studio Tour or on the commission contract prior to the photo session.

Q: Will the weather affect for photography shoot experience?

A: Indoor photo experience - not at all. Outdoor, well .............we are in the UK...we are in Scotland...

so Mother Nature sometimes decides for us.

However don't worry. .............................If your shoot is an outdoor experience, we simply reschedule

to another day which suits you.

Q: What do I need to do to prepare for my photography shoot experience?

A:  Not a lot really....if you follow the information sheet which is sent out after you have booked your experience then you will be just fine and dandy

However, if your photo shoot experience is for a specific 'show' shoot then you know the drill on how to get your dog don't need us to tell you what to bring! 

Q: My dog is nervous around strangers...does this make a difference?

A:  All dogs can be a little 'strange' in unfamiliar surroundings with some being more nervous than others. Don't worry about this as the shoot is designed to go at the pace of the individual 'stars of the show'.

At the Studio Tour when you come along with your dog to see what it's all about this is when we can chat about your dogs likes, dislikes and quirks.  Carolyne takes as much time that is required for the dog or dogs to become accustomed to her, then on the actual photo shoot day - everyone knows everyone.

Carolyne doesn't try to force myself onto them...knowing dogs for all her life she knows to allow them to come to her in their own time. 

If they are happier staying at a distance, then she is ok with that too...not every dog likes to get close up and personal....their choice, it's their photo shoot.

With decades of experience, Carolyne has met most kinds of personalities and as she says "I just go with their flow". 

Q: Does my dog have to be highly trained?

A: Definitely not.  All levels are welcome and can be worked with.

Your dog doesn't have to be the next Crufts Obedience Champion.

Sit, stay, down are good to have but certainly not essential and really not that important...nice if they can,

but doesn't really matter if they can't................or won't! 

Q: Does my dog need groomed before the photography shoot experience?

A: It is entirely up to you as this is YOUR photo shoot experience. 

Carolyne does ask that the eyes are visible and if you normally get your dog put in a 'pet' clip by your Groomers then this is advisable around 2 to 3 weeks prior to the shoot so the clip marks have grown out.

If however, your dog is a Show dog and it is a breed trait to have hair over the face then as Carolyne understands 'show stacks, breed standards' she can work with that also.

Q: When do I see my finished Artwork?

A: Once the Photo Shoot is over, there is then around 30 - 300 hours post production work to be completed, depending on what was ordered and how many art pieces are required.

Usually it is 6 weeks afterwards, but sometimes quicker depending on the commission remit.

An appointment will be arranged for you to return to the Studio/Showroom and over a relaxed cup of coffee Carolyne will help you go through the artwork she has created for you and guide you through how best to show them off.

Q: How much does all this cost?

A: The infinite question "How long is a bit of string?"

As each session and Artwork package is custom designed for each Client with their own personal requirements, it isn't a straightforward answer.

Size, shape, type of product and style of Photo session all comes into this answer - and there is a finite number of these options.

Previous Clients have made an average investment of between £600 right up to £14,000 with everything in between. (There are Mini Sessions and Giftware Photo sessions  which start at £99 and are available seasonally - please ask for more details)

This is the exact reason why the Studio Tour is essential. There is no cost for coming along and checking it all out, finding out what can be achieved, what Wall Art or Folio boxes or Books you would like and finally an exact price will be given because all the information has been gathered. 

You are under no obligation to go ahead to commissioning Carolyne in creating your Artwork but with the Studio Tour you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

All Photo Shoot Packages are designed to represent the highest quality and the best value for money.

IF you have a question which has not been covered above, then please get in touch and Carolyne

will be only too happy to answer any other queries.

Carrie Southerton Dog Photography Q&A and FAQS

Carrie Southerton Dogs

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Carrie Southerton Dogs

Carrie Southerton Dogs

Carrie Southerton Dogs

Carrie Southerton Dogs

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