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 Unique & Timeless

"The Reflection" Portfolio

"Art is not a reflection of reality, it is the reality of a reflection"

'The Reflection' is a carefully posed shot involving patience and a lot of treats.

Dogs do not have to be 'expertly' trained to be able to perform, in fact Carolyne much prefers it if their naughty side comes through as this shows their individual personality.

Let's face it...every dog is unique!

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"You use water to see your reflection, you use Art to see your heart & Soul"

Carolyne will then take the chosen original image into her Professional Editing suite

(NOT Photoshop!)

and set about  designing and

creating the Artwork.

After layer upon layer and numerous masks

the Art work starts to take shape.

Sometimes these pieces will take Carolyne hours upon hours and even a day or two to finalise as she is such a perfectionist.

But the hard work pays off as you can see..........

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"The Reflection" ~ Speed Edit

Carolyne often gets asked how she creates her 'Reflection' Artwork when there is no water in the original image.

The easiest and quickest way of explaining.....or showing, is that Carolyne created a 'speed edit' of one of the 'Reflection' pieces.

Whilst working on the edit in Corel Paintshop Pro, she records the whole screen and everything she does.

After hours and hours of editing and once completed, she will speed up the recording by x64 and adds an appropriate soundtrack ~ something that usually ends in a crescendo.  This then becomes a 'show & tell' on how she creates the 'Reflections'

Below is an example of one of Carolynes creations.  Click to play.

"The Reflection" ~ Before & After

Carrie Southerton Dogs

Let's start the Journey

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Carrie Southerton Dogs

Carrie Southerton Dogs

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