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'The Reflection' is a specially commissioned

Artwork by Carolyne.

'The Reflection' showcases not only Carolyne as one of the Top Dog Photographers in the UK but also shows her amazing talent as a Digital Artist.

Keep reading and learn how Carolyne creates these stunning pieces of Art for her Clients to treasure for a lifetime

Getting 'THE' Shot!

'The Reflection' is a carefully posed shot involving patience and a lot of treats.

Dogs do not have to be 'expertly' trained to be able to perform, in fact Carolyne much prefers it if their naughty side comes through as this shows their individual personality.

Let's face it...every dog is unique!

Carolyne will then take the chosen original image into her Professional Editing suite

(NOT Photoshop!)

and set about  designing and

creating the Artwork.

After layer upon layer and numerous masks

the Art work starts to take shape.

Sometimes these pieces will take Carolyne hours upon hours and even a day or two to finalise as she is such a perfectionist.

But the hard work pays off as you can see..........

Previous work by Carolyne

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'The Reflection' for your

canine loved one,

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Carolyne would love to hear what you have in mind......there are no limits in the

creation of ART

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