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This page is a dedicated area for Clients to view the images from their Photo Shoot Experiences.

Once the images have been viewed, Clients can make their selection for products they wish to purchase.

There are many Products available, such as:

  • Personalised USB Boxes with matching USB sticks (this is our most popular product)

  • Canvas Wall Art

  • Fine Art Prints

  • Edge to Edge on Acrylic (New Product)

  • DUG on a MUG sets

  • Plus much, much more

Please visit our Product page by clicking HERE or pop into our Showroom and discuss your requirements. 



Please click on the example image to open up your Private Viewing Area.  

Englis Bulldog
Griffon, Miniture Pincher

Am & Gazza - Lynne Brockett

Lhasa Apso

Glen - John Taylor

Bob & Ronnie -

Maria-Louise Clark

Irish Water Spaniel

IWS - Martin Ford

Border Collie

Vivien Jamieson

Shetland Sheepdog

Margo Nixon

Labrdor Retriever

Fern- Maxine Lawton

German Shepherd Dog  Alsatian GSD

Sully - Gemma Tippany

Whippet Racing dog Hound

Tallulah - Amy Wilcox

Pru - Amy Wilcox

Whippets - Anne Defaye

Carrie Southerton Dog Photography Studios - PSKC MAY 2018

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