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Dog photographer near me Scottish Best Pet Photographer Scotland

Scotland's Multi-Award Winning
Dog Photography Studio

Dog Photographer Edinburgh near me falkirk Pet Photography Scotlands Best Pet Photographer

The Scottish Pet Industry Awards - Scotlands BEST Pet Photographer 2022


Carolyne Cowan A.N.P.S - award winning
Dog Photographer

Carolyne Cowan A.N.P.S , owner of Carrie Southerton Dog Photography.
A multi-award winning and internationally published specialist Dog Photographer.
Either in front of or behind the lens for over 50 years with 40 years experience of breeding  and showing dogs, including Best Dog at Crufts, her knowledge of dogs is unsurpassed in the world of Dog Photography.
Her deep understanding of dogs allows Carolyne to capture your dog at its best either at rest or in full action..........

"Every Photo session is unique......because EVERY dog is

unique and it is my job to make sure EVERY picture tells a story!"


The Art of Dog Portrait Photography

Simply creating a beautiful dog portrait is definitely not enough for Carolyne.
Her Artwork tries to capture the character traits of the dogs and the magic of the moment. 
Carolyne wants to captivate the viewer with her pictures, to allow them look into the soul of these magical beings and to immortalise the purest personality of their dog, no matter his origins, his appearance or his age

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Dog Photographer Edinburgh near me falkirk Pet Photography Scotlands Best Pet Photographer
© Carrie Southerton Dog Photography Studios
Dog Photographer near me Falkirk review


"Absolutely love our photos of Brodie,  Carrie, so so happy. You are a star."

What our Clients say

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Professional and subtle portraits of your dog in a relaxed atmosphere

If you are looking for something more unique, which you know no-one else will have.

Carolyne will create a bespoke Artwork, designed especially for you.

Her talent & creativity holds no bounds when it comes to Art.

You can be confident that your canine companion will have fun and you will have fabulous Artwork created personally for you by Carolyne.

Behind the Scenes - find out more

Ideally situated in Central Scotland.

Only a few minutes from all major roads and motorways.

Our private 7 acre Studio complex is a perfect backdrop and allows Carolyne to create award winning artwork for our Clients to treasure for a lifetime.

Perfect location.....

Click the Google Map for directions


How it all works - exactly the way you want it

Dog photography near me Falkirk Edinburgh Scotland Pet Photographer Glasgow

STEP ONE - First Contact

If you like what you see and want to learn more, just Get in touch and chat on the phone, or just email if you prefer.  

After you have outlined your thoughts, this is when your complimentary Studio Tour is arranged.

STEP TWO - Studio Tour

The Studio tour will be a great opportunity to have a look around the private 7 acre studio complex and to discuss what you would like to achieve on the day of your photo session and how you would like to display your artwork afterward.

Your experience will be completely unique to you. At this stage a full a final price will be given.

After which is when we can arrange the date for your Photo Session

Dog photography near me Falkirk Edinburgh Scotland Pet Photographer Glasgow
Carrie Southerton Dog Photography pet photographer falkirk scotland

STEP THREE - Photo Session

This is where the fun begins. After a quick recap and a refreshment of your choice - it's all lights, camera, action.

Utilising the full safe and secure 7 acres, Carolyne will ensure that there will more than enough

images - in the can - to create your Artwork.

Once the Photo session is complete  a date will be organised for you to return and give the completed artwork your approval.

STEP FOUR - Cinematic Viewing

After spending several weeks creating your Artwork, it's finally time to see the finished result.

Now it is your turn to decide which of the pieces of Art you would like to display in your home.

Based on previous Clients feedback, this is the hardest part!

Carolyne will guide you through every step of the way and help you choose the best Artwork to be

showcased on the Wall Art or with the Coffee Table Book.

Dog photography near me Falkirk Edinburgh Scotland Pet Photographer Glasgow

Are you ready to have the most awesome experience with your dog and let us create some beautiful artworks of them for you to treasure forever? 


We are ready to meet you! - Book your session today! 

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If you would like to know more, then please get in touch by using the form below.

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