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Dog photographer near me Pet photographer Edinburgh reviews

What our Clients say.....

EXTRAordinary in every way

"A Pet’s Love Awakens A Piece Of Your Soul"

Dog Photographer near me Falkirk Pet Photography Edinburgh Glasgow


In a world where many people do photography, you certainly do unique and stunning work!

This picture alone has qualities that make it special and the same is the case with much of your other work.

Dog Photographer near me Falkirk Edinburgh Pet Photographer Labrador
Dog Photographer near me Falkirk Pet Photography Edinburgh Glasgow Cocker spaniel


Dog Photographer Falkirk Stars (3)

Absolutely love our photos of Ghillie,  Carrie, so so happy. You are a star 🌟

Carrie Southerton Dog Photography Dog Photographer Falkirk


Well, what can I say but WOW 😵 I will  treasure these forever and never tire of looking at them. You’ve caught my boys characters perfectly in every picture and not only did my boys enjoy every minute of it, Brian and myself loved our experience at your studios

Dog Photographer near me Falkirk Golden Retriever


Both my husband and myself are delighted with the photos of Moss and Minnie I picked up today. They are a wonderful mix of funny, clever and beautiful. Thank you. 

Dog Photographer near me Falkirk Golden Retriever


We absolutely love the artwork Carrie created of our Freddie - she captured him perfectly x

Dog Photographer near me Falkirk Pet Photography Edinburgh Glasgow spaniel


Thank you both so much for your time and patience this afternoon with choosing the photos of Ted and Ruby.They are better than I could have imagined and the movie brought a tear to my eye.


What a fantastic day I had today at the shoot with Fiona her dogs and you . I was there as lead prop for the Whippets and boy didn't we and they have fun . I just want to say not only your set up impressed but your kind approach to each of the five dogs and their individual personalities which you really took into account . Wow five hours just flew by .

Loved it and can't wait to see the out come .

Dog Photographer near me Falkirk Pet Photography Edinburgh Glasgow JRTs


Not enough stars here I'm afraid.

We had a fantastic day. The hospitality was second to non. Both Carolyne & Ali worked with our dogs as if they had known them for years.

Would we go back, you bet ya we would.

We had a fantastic day & we are already thinking about jack the lad & Pinto photo shoots later on this year.

Thank you both Carolyne & Alistair for a wonderful afternoon.

Steve & Denise

Dog Photographer near me Falkirk Pet Photography Edinburgh Glasgow Labrador


We had the most amazing time at our photo shoot. Shoot itself was for a hour but actually lasted 2 and a half but wasn't charged any more .

My 2 dogs had a blast and really enjoyed it. Carolyne had so much patience as my girl was a bit iffy to start with but Carolyne just took it slowly and soon my girl was her happy bouncy self.

The photos were amazing and couldn't decide which ones to choose so I took the whole lot( all 60 of them) .

I can highly recommend Carolyne for a shoot and will definitely be back with some of my other dogs.

I travelled from Aberdeenshire and was well worth the drive. Prices are really reasonable and was offers on that was too good to be true.

I ordered the mugs and they are amazing , I have mine on display too good to use lol .

We will be back.

Love Coleen, Tommy , Murron and Lemmy

Dog Photographer near me Falkirk Pet Photography Edinburgh Glasgow gsds


What can I say?? We had an absolutely brilliant day, 5 GSD's and a springer spaniel!

Dogs had a ball being

Divas for the day!

Carolyne was brilliant with them even if she was licked, nudged pushed jumped and run over by the gang, we humans ended up exhausted but the pictures tell the stories

of a fantastic day!!!!!

Everyone who has a dog should have a photo shoot with

Carrie Southerton Dog Photography

a day you will never forget!!

Planning my next one

Dog Photographer near me Falkirk Pet Photography Edinburgh Glasgow Deerhounds


A cold, sunny day with snow on the ground, that was our photoshoot, and what a wonderful experience it was.

Carolyne had said you're booked for an hour but it will probably take at least double that. I must admit being a canny scot

I thought that'll be right!

The reality was at least a 2 hour shoot.

What a laugh, I think I'd have paid just to see all the positions that Carolyne gets into to get the perfect shot, and Ali too.

Shots were brilliant, looked very natural and for me the best one was the photo of Bran and Rowan in a synchronised trot - still don't believe that

you managed it Carolyne!

Friends who had photoshoots of their children were jealous of my pics!!

Suffice to say that I would recommend Carolyne to anyone, brilliant day and brilliant photos.

Thanks again x


Delighted with my experience with Carrie Southerton Photography. I was gifted a photo shoot for my dogs and this was my first photo shoot of any kind so I had no idea what to expect.

I must preface my overall experience by saying that I have a very small dog and a very large dog both of whom flip between impeccably behaved and utter eejits, the size difference in itself can make it a huge challenge to get a picture of them together but add to that their characters and you know there will be tears (mine and brought on by hysterical laughter or frustration).

I cannot put into words how wonderful Carrie was throughout our time. Her creativity shone through in the setting up of scenes to compliment or take advantage of the size difference.

What really made the experience so positive for us was her patience, kindness, good humour, and willingness to put her life on the line to

get the shot she envisioned.

There were heart stopping moments particularly as Carrie lay on the grass while Ali threw a ball at her head so that

my 45kg muppet would run at her face full speed.

There was freedom for the dogs to do whatever they wanted to do including the big one trying a spot of gardening and joyfully claiming

the root balls she dug up as her own and there were lots and lots of tears and laughter (and I said more than a few naughty words) while trying to get a

shot of the wee one jumping over a log which he would do with glee when the camera wasn't on him but whenever we were ready he ran around.

With both Carrie and Ali, the prevailing factor throughout the shoot was the comfort and wellbeing of the dogs, we were never asked

to do something which my dogs wouldn't naturally do and she quickly picked up when they were getting tired and that was when

the shoot ended (it far overran the allotted slot).

When I saw the proofs I felt quite emotional, from beautiful portraits to the most ridiculously funny moments she had caught there was

no mistaking that these were my dogs, their character was so perfectly captured.

I can't thank Carrie Southerton Photography enough for a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

From initial contact onwards you are truly in the hands of a professional and a clear dog lover who not only has brilliant customer care skills

but can back it up by leaving you utterly spoiled for photographic choice.

This is only a very small selection of the wonderful reviews our Clients have given us either

through our Google, Website, Facebook or email. 

We can't list everyone but we do THANK everyone who took the time out of their day to say a few fabulous words of praise. 

We appreciate it so much.  Thank you


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Carrie Southerton Dogs

Carrie Southerton Dogs

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