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Behind the Scenes 

"I am JOY in a woolly coat,

come to DANCE into your

life and make you



Sound on for best effect ~ you will hear laughter,

funny noises and sometimes there should be a 'beep'

To create the beautiful artwork is so much more than 'point & shoot'.

Having established what our Clients are looking for, Carolyne will create the correct environment to get the best possible image of your dog.

Always focusing around the dog having fun,

action shots bring their own hilarity to both

our Clients and Photographer.

From Clients making the funniest of noises to

Carolyne being 'flattened' by a

flat out, high speed Leonberger chasing a ball,

there is never a dull moment.

This brings together all the factors required to allow Carolyne to create fantastic artwork which is an art in itself based on decades of experience and knowing what it takes.

Every session is different.
Every Dog is different.

Carrie Southerton Dog Photography

   not JUST a photo shoot....
's an experience!

~When a dog is in your life 

there is always a reason to laugh~

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Carrie Southerton Dogs

Carrie Southerton Dogs

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