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Carrie Southerton Visual Art Studio is owned by Carolyne Cowan.


From quite a young age, Carolyne has had a relationship with Art and in particular the camera.


Whether it was working as a Model in front or a Photographer behind the lens - either way she was at ease.

Carrie Southerton Dog Photographer Scotland

A small slideshow showing Carolyne at work.

Carolynes' other great love, is her dogs.

With a long family history connected with 3 of the 4 breeds, Carolyne  carries on the tradition to this day with 14 of her own dogs.


Carolyne along with her Husband Alasdair, are well known around the Dog World, owning a top show kennel -

Haughmill Kennels and having bred and exhibited forover 30 years.


Winning some prestidigious awards such as  -

Pup of the Year

UK Top Foxhound Puppy

Top Foxhound Breeder Our Dogs

UK Top Dog in Foxhounds

Crufts Best Dog

Crufts Best Puppy

Carolyne Cowan Dog Photographer

Carolyne carries a Professional Photographer Press Pass from World Dog Press Association.

Also working as a Freelance Photographer for Dog World Newspaper means that Carolyne travels throughout Scotland covering Dog Shows.

Carolyne is also included in the prestigious list of preferred photographers used by the


Carolynes' clients know that when they book a

photography session - whether it be in the custom made studio, within the 7 acres of 'dog proof' land or a combination of the two - they are in expert hands.


Carolynes' knowledge, is not only of the best style,

angle, light and backdrop to use in photography, but

of her vast experience of working with dogs.  

She realises that it takes time and patience....a LOT of patience and some tasty treat or toyto get that 

perfect shot for the client.

Carolyne will never rush a 'shoot'.  

Every client will be made to feel at home and

the dog/s will be treated like Royality.


If you would like to have a chat with Carolyne about

your requirements, then just click the Contact

above and send a message.  


Carolyne will reply either by phone or email within 24 hours.

DAISY - The Mascot


As you travel through the Carrie Southerton Dog Photographer Website, you will note that Carolyne has around 15 dogs in total, but one seems to be hightlighted more..................and that is Daisy. 


Daisy is the Matriarch of the 'Jack Pack' consisting of

six 'big thinking' terriers.

She is one of the most patient and loyal girlies around and absolutely loves the camera as much as Carolyne does.


It was just a natural consideration to make Daisy Doo Dah the Mascot and main Model for Carrie Southerton Dog Photography Studios.


If you click the HERE - you will see some of Daisy's work.

Carrie Southerton About

Jack Russell Terrier
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