Our Catchathon® events are fast paced and fun packed, held 6 times per year to help

raise funds for Breed Rescues.

All the dogs who enter have great fun and the owners are given a

'Thank you' Catchathon® print for attending.

Cheese Glorious Cheese

Cheese Glorious Cheese

Gonna 'ketch' YA!

Gonna 'ketch' YA!


Catchathon® 1

German Shepherd Rescue

Catchathon® 6

'The Double Event' BRAVEHOUND

Previous Catchathon Events


Catchathon® 2

Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue

Catchathon® 7

Old English Sheepdog Rescue

Catchathon® 3

Beagle Welfare

Catchathon® 8

Doberman Rescue

Catchathon® 4

Thistle Boxer Rescue

Catchathon® 9

Staffy Smiles Rescue

Catchathon® 5

Golden Retriever Rescue of Scotland

Catchathon® 10

The Edward Foundation

Over £10,000 raised for


Catchathon® 11

Springer Rescue for Scotland

If you would like to book a space for one of our

fun-packed Catchathon® events,

please fill in the contact form  

and we would be delighted to have a wee

chat with you.

If you are a volunteer for a Breed Rescue* in Scotland 

and would like to apply for one of the Catchathon® 

events to help raise money for your breed,

please fill in the contact form and we will send out 

an application form.

*Breed Rescues must be ran on a voluntary basis and be either a registered Charity or affiliated to a Breed Club or The UK Kennel Club .

I would love to Book a Photo Shoot please

Carrie Southerton Dog Photography Studios Falkirk Scotland Pet Photographer Catchathon® #dogsinhats

Carrie Southerton Dogs

Carrie Southerton Dogs