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Getting some #reglove

As everyone knows.............

REG is the poster child for the Carrie Southerton Dog Photography Studios

His beautiful face is everywhere.

Crufts '18 gave me a fabulous opportunity to spend some quality time with this fantastic boy.


I have never met a dog who is so affectionate.

Although I did prefer to keep my make-up on, Reg had other ideas.

Sucking my nose, ears and shoving his lovely big wet nose into my eye....smudging eyeliner, mascara in the process.

I didn't care as it always feels such an honour when a dog shows such love in abundance.

Reginald's owner and handler is the lovely Hannah Wright who is a lovely Lady but as crazy as Reg .....and me for that matter.


Reg and his entire family will be coming up to the Carrie Southerton Dog Photography Studios in August for a full photo shoot.

To see these magnificent and such an ancient breed in full flight will be a sight to be seen.

We have been covering Crufts for the last 3 days and are now on our final BIS day......what a show it has been......but THAT is for another blog, so keep tuned in folks.

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