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Where has the year gone?

cocker spaniel pet photographer scotland

There is the saying that as you get older - time flies by!

2021 has flown past as we are in the 7th month already!

At the Carrie Southerton Dog Photography studios there has been something happening every day.

With Photo Sessions, Studio Tours, Clients returning to view and purchase their Wall Art or Books, building new sets and scenes, out on the road with the Exhibition Trailer or in the office all day creating the Artwork for our Clients.

Standard black poodle dog photographer Carrie Southerton Dog Photography Scotland

We have also ran two competitions - our annual

The Face of 2021 which had an amazing 3500 entrants this year.

The overall winner was -

The magnificent Zak

(Champion Kertallis Talking in Codes at Montravia J.W)

Gordon Setter Pet Photography Carrie Southerton Dog Photography

The 2nd competition was The Face of Perthshire Canine Club 2021 and although a considerably smaller entry as it was restricted to members of the Club only, we still had a fantastic entry with the overall winner being the Gordon Setter Hunter

(Lourdace Headhunted by Cromasaig)

Alongside these two competitions we have had some amazing Clients into the Studio for Photo Shoots.....Here are just some of them from over the last month.

If you would like to book an amazing Photo shoot experience which is designed around YOUR dog/s and from which incredible unique Art is then created for your to treasure for a lifetime, then contact us to get the ball rolling. We would love to see you.

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