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'Before & After'

I love showing the 'Before & After' of how I create the Artwork for my Clients.

The vast difference is quite mesmerising and fun to watch.

Below are a few videos I created to showcase a few of these

Remember to turn up your speakers

for some groovy background music!

Some of the creative editing takes quite a long time to do.....but I absolutely love to be inspired by the dogs themselves who, let's face it.....ARE the Stars of the Show!

I only use Corel Paintshop Pro to create my Artwork and have been using it in different forms since 1989.

I manually manipulate everything rather than using plugins, scripts and filters as I prefer to create unique Art as to my work looking like a generic piece.

This is the very reason my Clients book me for Photo Shoots and Private Commissions - so they are guaranteed their Artwork will be 100% unique and personal to them.

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