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Updated: Apr 13, 2021

What do you buy for that person who has everything?

You know the feeling. Another special event is approaching, perhaps a birthday or an anniversary. Whether this is a friend or a relative, you really want your present to be something meaningful. You want it to be something that they will treasure for years to come, something that will remind them of how valuable your relationship is every time they see or use it.

The problem is that there is nothing specific they need. Of course, you could just fall back on the classic of giving money, but that will not express how well you know them or that you have put thought into a present especially for them.

Have you thought about dog photography gift vouchers?

If your loved one has a dog, you will know how close that relationship can be. There are few bonds as close as that of a dog and owner. Each dog’s personality is unique.

At Carrie Southerton Dog Photography, Carolyne specialises in photographs which capture the individual characteristics of each dog. Carolyne has a motto for these photographic sessions – “I start every shoot with five big bags of patience – and I have never run out yet!”

By a combination of patience, general passion for dogs and expertise in photography, Carolyne can capture the appearance of each dog, but more than that, the personality of each dog is expressed beautifully.

Your loved one will really value the present when you give them dog photography vouchers.

As well as showing your loved one that you care, dog photography gift vouchers are a practical way of giving a present.

For one thing, they are available in different values, to suit all budgets.

The price is based upon the style of photo session and size and type of Wall Art that your gift recipient will receive at the end of the shoot.

The available options range from a 9” x 6” lustre print that is ideal for in a frame on a table or mantlepiece, up to a large scale 24” x 16” gallery canvas which could take pride of place on a feature wall in the home or office. In between these options are a range of sizes to suit all needs.

The other reason the dog photography vouchers are an ideal gift is that they can be redeemed over the following six months. This gives your loved one the flexibility to use the voucher when it is convenient to fit around their schedule.

Why not give your friend a present they will appreciate? For help choosing the best option for dog photography gift vouchers, why not contact Carolyne using the options on the website?

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