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It's about time.........

Just as the title suggests, it was about time that we designed a Photo Session specifically aimed at Puppies.

Cute Labrador Puppy Pet photographer Edinburgh

From time to time, we will design a more streamlined Photo session for Clients who have individual requirements.

We are known for our Bespoke sessions and when numerous Clients opt for the same type of shoot, we created a Photo Session Package available online to book.

As most of you know, we showed and bred Beagles for over 35 years so we are well aware of how to handle puppies. It is essential that they are not given too much exercise for their young joints to handle, over exerted and they are exposed gently to new surrounding and people to enable them to grow into confident, well rounded Adults.

Cute puppy with Bubbles pet photographer falkirk

This means that our main Photo sessions - The Outdoor & The Combination shoots are unsuitable for baby puppies. They are too long, too fast and too energetic for one so young. We are always aware of the wellbeing and safety of our four legged Clients.

We are now happy to announce the introduction of our Brand New Photo Session......

We have designed this special Puppy Photo Package around the needs of our Clients, but most importantly the Puppies.

The Puppy Photo Package is a gentle introduction for these babies. The basis of the session is to have fun, to keep things light, bright and interesting for young enquiring minds.

The added bonus of the Puppy Photo Package is that there are two fabulous Art Products included which takes away the pressure of having to choose a product from our vast range of high quality Wall Art. You will also receive a £50 credit towards another photo session so the puppy can return when they are all grown up.

cute beagle puppy pet photographer Edinburgh

If you have a puppy or are about to welcome the pitter patter of tiny paws into your lives, then this is the time to capture those precious memories of your new addition.

Puppies grow up so fast - I know and I often regret not taking more photographs of our babies when they were young.

Time passes so quickly when they are young....blink and you miss the opportunity in memorialising such precious moments.

If you would like to learn more or if you would like to Book a Puppy Photo Package - My First Shoot then either contact us via the website, give us a call for a chat or if you are on Facebook then drop us a message.

We can then start creating memories for you to cherish long after your puppy has grown into your beautiful best friend for life

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